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Welcome to Nouk Cacao, where the world of cacao comes to life through a heartfelt journey filled with passion and joy. Our story begins with the founder of Nouk Cacao, Synthia Stoffer, who fell in love with cacao. Inspired by the pure essence of cacao and its rich cultural history, she went on a mission to create a honest, premium fair-trade and all natural cacao label. Soft and approachable in flavor, aiming to share the authentic magic of cacao with the world.


At Nouk Cacao, we aim to offer more than just delicious cacao; we strive to strengthen the connection between people and the true heart through cacao. With our cacao, we ensure that every step, from sourcing to production, is characterized by transparency and integrity. Respecting the communities that cultivate this extraordinary gift of nature, our cacao.

Synthia's vision extends beyond the gentle flavors of our cacao. Nouk Cacao encourages everyone to reconnect with their hearts and share the magic of cacao with each other.


Thank you for being part of our story, where honesty, passion, and the magic of cacao come together.


We appreciate and are thankful to collaborate with sustainable enterprises, farmers, artisans, and visionaries who share our passion for quality and ethical practices. These partnerships are the joy of our commitment to delivering honest premium cacao and create positive change in the your life.

Cacao boon aan boom

Ethical sourcing

We source our premium cocoa beans from a sustainable enterprise, ensuring that the farmers receive a fair price. Committed to social and environmental engagement, our partnership goes beyond crafting delicious cacao. 

cocoa beans


Explore the craftswomanship of Malou - award winning chocolate maker - where artistry and passion unite to transform our selected cocoa beans into our delicious 100% Nouk Cacao.



Get on an alchemical journey, where botanical herbs and Nouk cacao dance together. Unveil an extraordinary experience to elevate your consciousness and embrace the powers within your heart.

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