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About us

Welcome at Nouk Cacao, where the love of cacao meets the essence of being. With our fine selection of 100% Pure Cacao, selected and hand-crafted with passion and joy.


Each Nouk Cacao bean tells a story of loving dedication, from the selection of premium cocoa beans sourced from Peru and Ecuador to the bean-to-bar craftwomanship in Amsterdam. With the alchemical collaboration weaving the mystical light of the botanical herbs. We are offering you a honest, heart warming and absolutely delicious cacao experience.


Taste the the soft, approachable and nuanced chocolate flavors that define Nouk Cacao. Join us on this wonderful cacao adventure, with lots of love, joy and happiness.

Our favorites

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Our Values

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Ethical sourcing

We source our premium cocoa beans from a sustainable enterprise, ensuring that the farmers receive a fair price. Committed to social and environmental engagement, our partnership goes beyond crafting delicious cacao. 



Explore the craftswomanship of Malou - award winning chocolate maker - where artistry and passion unite to transform our selected cocoa beans into our delicious 100% Nouk Cacao.


Magical vibes

Get on an alchemical journey, where botanical herbs and Nouk cacao dance together. Unveil an extraordinary experience to elevate your consciousness and embrace the true powers within your heart.

"I made a few cups of warm Nouk Cacao recently for a few friends and everyone upon first sip let out a satisfied sigh! It's rich, has a lovely depth of flavor, and you can tell was created with love and care. It's also fun to try adding different spices to play around with the flavor. It's a lovely treat and will definitely be ordering more to enjoy!"


"The Nouk cacao is a delightful, heartwarming, and mild cacao that I love to use during cacao ceremonies. Highly recommended!"


"I find Nouk cacao wonderfully creamy in taste, in contrast to what I've experienced from others, it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Also, because you can add your own spices and vary the taste according to your preferences. Or try different types of milk or honey for an extra sweetness 😄."


"Cacao opens the heart, and for me, it works best when it comes to a pure, pristine cacao drink elegantly enriched with spices and honey. Nouk, embraced in my heart to open it up."


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We like to add extra magic to our cacao.

Here you find some recipes to create your

delicious cup loving cacao

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